Why You Should Choose Brickies Sand over Any Other

If you are working in the bricklaying and building construction industry you know how important it is to have the right materials. Your entire reputation depends on the quality of your work and products you use. That is why the most popular sand is the Brickies Sand from Premium Allsands. When it comes to quality sand supplies Perth, you need to ensure you are getting the best product for your project.

Why is Brickies Sand Perth The Best?

Brickies Sand Perth is perfect because it is a clean sand. That means that it has no vegetation or natural material and has a precise mix of clay and silt which makes it perfect for all structural, landscaping and horticulture jobs.

What is brickies sand made of?

Brickies sand has a higher clay content and is found in areas closer to the surface area of the quarry, mainly here in our own Western Australian quarries. Because the sand is natural, there will always be variations in the amount of clay. For example brickies sand from one quarry will be darker due to the higher clay content versus brickies sand from a different quarry which may have slightly less clay.

Having said that, the sand is mixed with other elements to ensure it is perfect for its intended use.

While 70% of brickies sand is mortar, it is mixed with 30% of materials such as cement, water and also lime.

Brickies sand, with its well balanced clay as well as silt content when mixed with concrete permits convenient and a nice “sticky” mortar. On drying out and also bonding the sand wards off water. Brickies sand can likewise be used for farming and sporting fields, golf courses, pool bedding and even children’s play areas.

Where can I get Brickies Sand?

There are many sand suppliers out there but they are not all the same. Your business or project heavily relies on the right materials for the job and this means you have to be more discerning about your sand supplies.

As mentioned above, brickies sand has to have a perfect mix to ensure it is usable and long-lasting. Sand with too high clay content or not enough clay content simply won’t work.

This is why I always take my business to Premium Allsands.

Premium Allsands are the leading sand supplies Perth and have a great amount of knowledge and experience in selling the right building materials and the best brickies sand price Perth, all delivered on time.

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They have an impressive reputation and experience which makes them the number one choice for builders, commercial and residential industries.

As well as high quality materials, Premium Allsands offers a guaranteed next day sand delivery  Perth service to the Metro and the South West areas. They supply any size load from 1m³ to large quantities. In addition they have the best sand prices per cubic meter in Perth.