Why Should We Recycle?

By recycling we care for our planet and preserve it for future generations. Benefits of recycling outweigh the benefits of raw production. We all know that recycling is good, but do we have an idea of how much of a good thing it really is?  Award winning, accredited and 100% Australian owned company, ECO Resources have dedicated their services to maintain environmental health and sustainability by delivering integrated environmental solutions to the waste management, mining, oil and gas, commercial and industrial sectors. Out of many waste disposal companies, ECO Resources it truly a success story. By offering recycling services Perth, Eco Resources has managed to divert thousands of cubic meters of waste destined for landfill every year.

Bellow, Eco Resources has highlighted just few of the benefits recycling has and how being green is all that is cracked up to be.

Reducing Waste

Landfills are ill – equipped to handle the amount of waste dumped east year. By recycling and using waste service Perth we can significantly reduce the amount that is send to landfills ultimately translating to less pollution. As a responsible waste disposal companies, ECO Resources and their recycling waste solutions currently recycle more than 90% of all waste delivered to their facility, and the remaining 10% is further shredded to reduce in size before it’s transported to the appropriate landfill site.

Conserving the Natural resources

Recycling decreases our dependence on natural resources like certain minerals and wood. Based on current need for raw materials, without recycling, the earth could not sustain the level required to support the economy. ECO Resources is meeting the challenge by providing recycling services Perth. ECO Resources currently accepts and recycles the following:

  • Bricks, concrete, sand, tiles and other demolition waste.
  • Tyres of all shapes and sizes.
  • Mattresses
  • Timber, MDF, cardboard, plastics, strapping.
  • Metals of any type.
  • Bulky furniture and white – goods
  • Green waste, treated timber, gyprock and plasterboard.
  • Polystyrene, PVC piping, insulations and tubing.

Reducing Industrial Pollution

Through waste collection Perth, the collection of raw materials, like oil, requires heavy machinery to be operated that runs on diesel fuel, which releases toxins into the air. With recycling services Perth, we can decrease the need for raw material and with it, the pollution created by raw material excavation.

Let’s become energy sufficient

The more subtle benefit of recycling is that it reduces energy consumption. It’s more efficient to reduce and re – use material already in circulation then it is to produce some material from scratch. Almost anything can be reduced and made into something else as long as its reduction is not toxic to the environment.

Overall, Recycling benefits the environment in a number of ways, materials and natural resources aren’t wasted and with rubbish removal Perth, less waste is sent to landfills.  Out of all waste disposal companies, ECO Resources has Perth’s leading multi – user construction and demolition waste recovery and recycling facility in Hope Valley/Kwinana. ECO Resources boasts the highest landfill diversion rates and produce quality by products used in many industries. Many government development projects across the state use ECO recovered and recycled construction waste. If you are after one – stop shop for waste and environmental services, ECO Resources must be your go – to. Their dedicated team of industrial chemists and waste handling advisors are available to assist customers with problematic waste streams such as asbestos, quarantine stock destruction, soiled stock disposal, other hazardous and more complex waste handling solutions.