The Best Company for Waste Management

Got waste problems? As an industry leader regarding waste management in Perth, ECO Resources develops integrated environmental solutions for a large variety of sectors, including commercial, industrial, construction, oil, gas and mining. Since they began in 2006, they have undergone continued growth and have became one of the most influential companies in the industry and providing top solutions for construction and demolition recycling in Perth.

Providing environmental solutions for your waste issues

ECO Resources specialise in finding the most effective environmentally conscious solutions for any waste issues you may have. they successfully manage to divert over 500 000 cubic metres of waste away from landfill every year. Through their ever improving technologies and methods in their state of the art recycling centre in Perth they are consistently increasing resource recovery rates and facilitating better waste disposal practices. Currently they manage to find a way to recycle over 90% of the waste that arrives at their facilities. That’s an impressive rate for recycling in Perth. The 10% that is considered unsalvageable gets shredded and compacted creating a significantly smaller amount of waste heading to landfill. Doing this increases the compaction rate by over 26%, further minimising the airspace usage in landfill and subsequently the impact on the environment.

One stop shop for waste services

So you’re sold on ECO Resources but you don’t know if you’re waste is serviceable? ECO Resources really can handle any type of waste you may have. Even problematic and toxic materials like asbestos, batteries and hazardous waste can be taken care of with advisement from their expert team of waste handling specialists. Always acting in accordance with environmental standards and health and safety guidelines, you can rest assured knowing that they can manage safe collection and disposal for whatever hazardous industrial or commercial waste your company may produce.

Not just experts in waste management

Although, they provide the best waste management in Perth the ECO group consists of other businesses offering a variety of services from skip bins to sand supplies. These companies work together to ensure high quality services with environmental solutions. All services within the ECO group are highly integrated which makes it easier for them to get  your job done.

If you need fast and efficient waste collection in Perth, Coastal Waste Management should be your number one choice. Offering a huge range of services including hooklift, rearlift, frontlift and skip bin for hire services in Perth, they can handle any size job you may need.

Premium Allsands is another member of the ECO group. They are also a leading supplier of high quality sands providing all you need for your building, landscaping or gardening requirements.

Best waste management in Perth

ECO Resources is an industry leader prioritising responsible waste management and recycling in Perth. They are committed to helping the communities that they operate in and strive to explore better, economical and environmental solutions for problems facing them. Check out their website here and see how they can benefit your business today.