Tekcel CNC Router – Machine That Will Increase Productivity & Cut Costs!

  • Thursday February 20, 2020
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If you are looking for a CNC router for sale, Tekcel will have a CNC cutting machine specific for your exact business needs. Tekcel manufacture their CNC router machine in Perth Western Australia and supply all over the world including large manufacturing countries such as Indonesia and the UK, South Africa and throughout Asia. Each custom CNC router for sale takes 2-3 months to build, using the highest quality materials and to exacting standards. Tekcel also manufactures CNC router parts and tooling as well as maintenance, upgrade and outstanding customer service and support.

What is A CNC Machine?

Traditionally, industries such as cabinet makers and sign makers would cut by hand, but as you can imagine, this is far from ideal in today’s mass consumerism world. Machines that can mass produce items quickly, safely and exactly on a repeated bases is what today’s manufactures are looking for and that is where CNC routers come in.

CNC router machines are Computer Numerical Controlled machines. They are modular machines which works with standard CAM and CAD software. The router is programmed via the software to speedily and precisely cut, drill, carve, mark, turn, mill, groove or engrave to a mass scale. It does this consistently to mass produce items.

Innovative Design

Tekcel CNC routers are custom built to your business requirements and budgeting. This ensures you can include anything you need for your manufacturing including  a variety of options including sheet loaders and multi bore drill banks.

How do CNC machines work?

Tekcel CNC routing machines are at the very top of innovation and sustainable technology. Using CAD and CAM systems, data is converted to quickly, automatically and accurately produce mass components. CNC router machines have 3 controllers and these are: PTP, Link and Path control. They also have more than 6 axes so 3D pieces can be produced rapidly. You can choose from a wide range of machines to perfectly match your output needs.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are in the sign-making, cabinetry, architectural or engineering industries, you know how important it is to produce high quality goods, quickly and at low cost. The entire success of your business depends on your output and economies of scale. Therefore when looking at a CNC router for sale, it is of vital importance to have a custom-built and innovative cutting machine you can rely on.

Tekcel are world-wide and have an impressive international reputation as the go-to manufacturers of reliable CNC machines.

They are used and recommended by industries and counties across the world for helping to maximise productivity, thus boosting profits and reducing excess waste, labour, and extended lead times.

In fact, so confident in their machines they will even let you test drive one for yourself. You can also book a site visit or see a demonstration at one of their many sales centres.

Tekcel also offers a service and machine upgrade solution and delivers the best productivity and outstanding cut-quality at a great CNC router price.

So for a CNC router for sale either in Australia and New Zealand or a CNC router Indonesia or CNC router UK, you can rely on Tekcel.