Skip Bin Hire In Perth – What Size Do I Need

Whether you are clearing out your garage, moving home, spring cleaning or renovating, the one thing you will always end up with is rubbish. So the first thing you should always organise is a skip bin hire in Perth.  Skip bins are the easiest, most convenient and environmentally responsible way of disposing of your rubbish. There are many companies to choose from but you will no doubt have a series of questions such as “how much is it to hire a skip bin in Perth” and “what size skip bin do I need?”

We’re here to help you answer those questions and recommend the best skip bin hire in Perth for all your rubbish removal needs.

Size Matters

The size of the skip bin depends on the type of project. A spring clean will require a small mini skip bin and a home reno will require a larger bin size. Bin sizes range from 2m3 – equal to 2 trailers right the way through to 10m3 – equal to 10 trailers.

The best thing to do to determine the right bin size is first of all to sort your rubbish, Make piles of things you will recycle, sell, donate and throw away. The size of the throw away pile will give you an indication of the size of skip bin hire. In addition, most skip bin hire companies will be more than happy to talk through your requirements and advise you.

Skip Bin Hire Perth Prices

The next concern will be the price. You will no doubt be looking for the cheapest skip bin hire Perth but bear in mind that cheap doesn’t always equate to great. Many companies will leave the onus of the skip bin hire in your hands and if you don’t know exactly what you should have, you could end up spending a lot more money. Too small a bin and you will need to hire an additional one. Too large a bin and you’re paying for air. There are also potential hidden fees and charges to look out for.

skip bin size

Consider a Reputable Skip Bin Hire Company in Perth

What you really need to consider is a reputable company who are prompt, reliable, knowledgable and friendly.

With that said, we recommend WA Skips. They are WA’s leading skip bin hire in Perth company who have built up an impressive reputation for their flexibility, reliability and competitive rate. They are fully licensed and accredited, insured and council compliant.

You can keep your skip bin for up to 7 days and WA Skips also offer a same day delivery option!  Plus you can get a free no obligation quote and they have a simple 3 steps process to guide you through your options with helpful hints along the way.

They cover the entire Perth metropolitan area and a  24/7 Perth based customer support team to handle all your questions.

Not only that, they use only authorised treatment facilities to dispose of your skip waste and often recycle up to 100% of the contents

So for all your rubbish removal needs, make sure you add WA Skips 0861178119 to your phone contacts!