Polaroid Camera Shooting Tips

Recently, the younger generation has taken more interest in the many retro pop cultures from fashion, architecture to photography. With photography, the retro style instant photography best known as Polaroid camera has created their own fan base in the current world. The feature of instantly printing the pictures taken is one of the reasons why it raising in popularity, not to mention with the current technology, the latest version of Polaroid Camera has much better features in terms of the camera lens, editing software and print quality. However, all of these great features don’t mean you can just easily take a good picture and print it, still need a bit of practice and tricks to achieve a better level. Therefore, here are some of our tips to shoot a better picture with a Polaroid Camera.

1. Avoid selfie distance fail

Undeniable that selfie is kind of the hype in photography with any kind of device Polaroid camera included. However, a Polaroid camera normally wasn’t built as a selfie camera, some of the indications are no flexible LED screen and the lens focus distance usually around 30-60 cm. Therefore, you need a bit of an extra effort to do a selfie but still quite fun and enjoyable to do especially with friends.

2. Avoid too far or too close with the object

The current generation of Polaroid camera has a better camera lens which can do zoom in to get a better focus on the object. However, you need to think about the size of the printed picture which usually in a square shape and no bigger than twice the size of a credit card. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’ll get all of the objects you captured once printed.

3. Don’t obscure the flash

Flash feature is not something new, even for a Polaroid camera they already have this feature since long but the latest version has an advanced design which usually smaller in size. Due to its small size, sometimes we are not aware that one of our fingers stay too close with the flash resulting in an obscured picture that not balanced in flash lighting. 

4. Natural light is the best lighting

There’s no denying that God has given us many greatest creations, one of them is the sunlight. For every photographer, they can get a detailed capture with the presence of natural light. Additionally, the current Polaroid camera technology able to include the advance feature of Exposure Triangle, where you can adjust the ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed of its lens.

5. Try different perspective with the same object

Taking a picture of one object from several different angles could create a whole different story for each picture taken. Try different angle from down, up and side until you find a better picture story you want to convey. 

6. Close-up photography

With the small printed photo size, the best choice for a Polaroid camera is taking a close-up photo of the object. However, this is where your creativity will take place, with close-up photography, you can explore in-depth about the detailed story of the object where later you can enhance it with the built-in editing software.


With a Polaroid camera, you can capture and seamlessly print the picture so you can directly show it to your friends and families or frame it to treasure the memories. However, a printed picture wouldn’t last long which could deteriorate easily, therefore, opting in digitizing the printed picture will immortalize the precious memories captured. Check on the services of photo scanning service in your local area to get it scanned and digitized in no time. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.