5 Noticeable House Structural Damages

After living at your current house in so many years you might not have guessed that all these years unpredictable dangers are lingering at your home. Structural damages are a common issue that often ignored by every homeowner in the Perth region because of the less knowledge about what it is and what to do about it. Therefore, we have listed some noticeable structural damages for you to be aware of.

1. Termites and Pest Infestations

Your home is not only a place for you and family to live but also other creature like termites that act as the house parasite. This little creature eats wood and knowing most of the home in Perth still using wood as one of the foundation materials, Termites can endanger the structural condition of your home. How to find them? Easy enough, you can try knocking on every part of the wall or floor and hear the hollow sound it makes which identified as the part that has been eaten by Termites.

2. Sagging Ceiling and Leaking

Normally, the standard roof age for the housing in Perth is up to 30 years of operation. If a leak occurs before reaching the end of its life cycle, the cause could be due to lack of maintenance or the structural movements caused by external sources like rain or termites. Usually, unfixed leaking will lead to a damaged ceiling or sagging ceiling which could worsen like the ceiling fall off. How to identify this? If you ever see a sign of water leaking on the ceiling one of the causes could be from the roof either it’s broken, a hole or misaligned. 

3. Cracks on the walls, floors and ceiling

You might easily think that 1 or 2 cracks on the walls, floors or ceiling just a common issue in every house due to the property’s age. That’s true but not entirely because depending on what causing and where the location of the cracks, could be fatal. Cracks occurred above the doorways or beside the stairs wall are a sign of unpredicted danger from structural damages, get it to fix ASAP to prevent any major issue.

4. Uneven floors

Some of the causes of the uneven floors come from a bad foundation setup and Termites infestation. While it may not be affecting your daily activities directly, it would be a good idea to have it check and fixed, especially if the cause is due to Termites infestation which could lead to other major issues.

5. Damaged concrete foundation

This issue is a bit hard to identify because the concrete foundation usually placed under the house and in a place only a professional able to reach, therefore, the best option is to hire the service of building inspection Perth. For what causing it usually due to exposure to high moisture and or chemicals which the more reason to let the professional do the checking for you. However, what you can do is checking the house surrounding and find any sign of brick or mortar erosion.


House structural damages might not easily be fixed by DIY but by following the above tips, you could at least identify the issues then you can immediately reach out the professional to fix it to prevent any major issue to ever occurs. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this article.