How Can I Update My Tired Looking Kitchen?

Have you caught on to the latest viral “hack” where the kitchen gets a “lift” by just using a roll of thin vinyl? Whatever you do, DON’T vinyl wrap your benchtops and cabinets. Not only it is tacky but comes with health concerns due to all the bacteria that can grow from the water trapped under the vinyl. If your kitchen benchtops and cabinets are still solid with simply nothing wrong with them apart from looking tired with an outdated colour, do not go and replace them. Instead, for a fraction of the cost, Perth Kitchen Resurfacing can transform your tired looking kitchen and make it look fab and modern. Kitchen cabinet resurfacing and kitchen benchtops resurfacing will save you thousands of dollars and renew your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. Using EP Acrylic coating that is water and UV resistant, your kitchen can be transformed in as little as two days. Say goodbye to the chips, cracks, dull colour, dirt and grime. And remember Perth kitchen resurfacing can also resurface your bathroom.

Why can I not paint the kitchen or bathroom myself?

Are you the unlucky one that has peach coloured kitchen cabinets or an avocado coloured bath? If yes, I can completely understand why you want them updated. Sure, you may be up to the task and not scared or rolling up your sleeves and splashing some paint but, it is not easy! Making sure they look perfect and streak – free it is a difficult task to undertake on your own. What may seem like a simple small DIY job may turn out not looking like what you had envisioned. Being that the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, let the professionals at Perth Kitchen Resurfacing handle it. Their long list of satisfied clients will tell you that choosing Perth bathroom and kitchen resurfacing is the best choice they have made, simply because of the value that has been added to their homes.

How much does it cost to resurface a kitchen?

The cost to resurface your kitchen can be affected by many factors such as the kitchen size itself and the amount of cabinets there are. It is still the more affordable way to transform your kitchen since nowadays a brand new kitchen can cost upwards of $20,000. Perth Kitchen Resurfacing offer many finishes but, when they use the faux granite finish, it gives the kitchen that ultra – modern feel and look.

Why choose Perth Kitchen Resurfacing?

As with any work to be carried out on your home, you want to choose the very best, reliable, experienced and above all professional. That is exactly what you will get by choosing Perth Kitchen Resurfacing. Their quality workmanship has seen many kitchens and bathrooms transformed in Perth over the years. They will save you thousands of dollars that you can use in another area of your home. They can transform your kitchen in as little as two days with a simple Kitchen bench resurfacing and leave almost NO MESS behind. Get in touch with Perth Kitchen Resurfacing if you want to add value to your home with a completely transformed ultra – modern kitchen and bathroom.