Don’t let Waste Overshadow Your Event

Hosting an event can be a pretty stressful experience with so much to concern yourself with. One such stress is the thought of how you’re going to clean up all the mess made. After pulling off a great event that’s the last thing you want to think about. Luckily, getting a skip bin hire in Perth can be the answer to your worries. From concerts, marathons and big sporting events, you can get rid of all your waste in a quick and easy fashion. However, not just any skip bin will do. Here are a range of factors that you should keep in mind when thinking about proper waste disposal.


Skip bins come in a wide variety of sizes ensuring that you have the right capacity for your needs. Picture this – You throw a huge party and the next day you’re cleaning up, only to find your rubbish bin overflowing. Now multiply that situation by 100 and you’ll understand why capacity is so important. Overflowing bins at big events can often create an unsightly and often foul smelling environment. You need to make sure that your bins a large enough to deal with the rubbish produced and it is often a good idea to have both larger and smaller sized bins scattered around the place.


Which situation do you think is more effective? Having one giant bin in the centre or many bins scattered around. Obviously the more bins you have the more you can spread the bins out. This makes it easier for the average eventgoer to find a bin that is close to them. This reduces litter and can greatly encourage proper recycling. Now you can’t fill up your entire event space with skips so use your discretion and adjust your skips based on your expected attendance.


Location matters. When you have more waste bins you need to make sure they exist in strategic places. Ensure that skip bins are stationed at the exits so that any attendees are encouraged to throw away their rubbish before leaving. Overflowing bins are never a pretty sight. Make sure you adjust the size of the bin to account for the areas that will require it most. Place your larger bins in the main areas and smaller bins places like restroom exits.

Use the right skip bin hire in Perth

Although all those factors are really important, It’s also important to choose the right waste disposal company. A good skip bin hire in Perth can make all the difference for your event running smoothly and being a complete disaster. ECO Resources offers a high quality service, our waste collection Perth is completely ahead of the competition. With a companywide focus on customer safety, environmental protection and regulatory compliance you can ensure that integrity is at their core. Whether you are planning a large event or a small one you need to make sure that your waste management is effective and with industry leading standards, ECO Resources is the best choice to use when hiring a skip bin.