What to do with damaged garage door panels

A garage door is a heavy piece of machinery that consists of many important parts from the can easily be seen to the hard and rarely seen. The garage door panel probably the easiest part of the door to be seen because it situated as the frontmost of the door. To be the frontline quite often faced in a potentially risky situation which ends up damaging the panel. So, what to do if the panels got damaged? There’s always a possible solution for it, but first, you need to understand a bit more about the cause and prevention then lead to a solution. Here some of our explanation information what to do with your damaged garage door panels.

The causes of damaged garage door panels

From A-Z, there are plenty of causes that impacted the panels to receive such damage which sometimes becomes unable to be used anymore and need a replacement. Here are the common causes of damaged garage door panels:

1. Misaligned garage door tracks

The easiest cause to notice is misaligned or broken garage door tracks. The tracks working alongside the roller and cable, keeping the garage door panels closing straight down, so if the door tracks damaged or misaligned it could lead to the roller going off-track then the door panels go along with it. Normally, it would just bend or leave some dents on the garage door panels but in the worst case, the whole panel could collapse. Therefore, this is one of the causes that need immediate attention for garage door repairs Perth.

2. Malfunctioned garage door parts

Due to its age or external factors like dust and rust some garage door parts like rollers, hinges and springs vulnerable to a malfunctioning that lead to the parts stopped working properly. When one of the parts on wear and tear conditions it will affect the garage door moving mechanism that could lead to not working at all or worse an uncontrollable movement which could lead to damaging the panels. One of the prevention actions is by opting in the service of regular garage door maintenance but if it already occurred parts replacement should be mandatory.

3. Broken garage door torsion springs

The garage door torsion springs act as the counterforce of gravity on the door so that you can lift the 180kg of door panels with just hands. However, when these parts are suddenly broken midway while doing the closing mechanism, there will be no counterforce gravity which could lead the door panels freely slam the surface. Of course, in the modern type of garage doors, there is a safety feature which to prevent the door panels slam the surface but it the least feature that got inspected regularly so hopefully it will work well in such situation.

4. Snapped garage door cables

While the garage door opener motorizes the lifting and lowering the door panels, it still needs the help of a flexible and strong component to actually move the door panels, that’s where the garage door cables come in. Garage door cables made of from strong material that’s hard to break but over time due to age and without proper maintenance, the durability of the cables will wear and resulting in the cables suddenly snapped. Similar to the broken garage door springs situation, if the cables snapped there’s a chance that the door panels will slam down the surface but the safety feature can prevent it.

5. Hit by a car

An accident happens all the time including hitting your garage door with your own car. Depending on how bad the force of impact is it could lead to a dent or the door panels collapse, which usually the latter. Don’t panic, address everything is fine with you and anyone inside the car and start securing the car from the door for the additional danger that could happen. Call the professional in emergency garage door repairs for immediate help on the door.

The best solution to do for a damaged garage door panel

The first thing you should do is analyse the damaged area on the door panels whether it’s a dent or a bend which could lead to a different treatment. Later, reach out to your local garage door repairs service provider which has several good reviews online to do a professional inspection that might have some additional issues that missed by you. Opting in the professional services on garage door repairment giving you the extra safety and assurance that everything will be running well again. Word of advice, never DIY garage door repairment because it takes a lot of effort, knowledge and experience to repair only one part of the garage door, not to mention the danger it possesses if you doing it wrongly. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article