Common Causes Your Your Ceiling Is Sagging

  • Friday May 7, 2021
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Nothing is more unsightly than a sagging plaster ceiling. However, the problem isn’t just with the aesthetics. It is usually an indication of more serious issues like structural or water damage. If you notice a sag, don’t delay and organise plaster ceiling repair immediately! There are numerous Great Southern of Western Australia-based companies with high standards of work and affordable prices ready to solve your ceiling issues today.

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A sagging or cracked ceiling is not something to be taken lightly

A sagging ceiling isn’t something you should just brush off. It can often be a sign of a much larger problem. If left untreated, small spider web-shaped cracks and sags can become large holes and can risk ceiling collapse. If you notice anything off about your ceiling you should call a plaster ceiling repair company immediately.

Common Cause Your Ceiling is Sagging

There are many common causes of sagging ceilings. It’s important that these issues are rectified along with ceiling repair in order to prevent repeated damage. Here are some of the main causes.

Roof leaks

Even when you have a single leak on your roof, big problems can arise. Usually, once you are aware of the presence of a leak your ceiling will already be experiencing some degree of water damage.


Perpetually humid and damp rooms like kitchens and bathrooms can be prone to water damage. Whether sectional repairs or complete replacement is required will depend on the severity of the damage.


Pests like termites often cause problems for the structural integrity of a building. Although they originate from the ground, they can easily cause plenty of damage to your ceiling. If left untreated, or even if it’s treated too late,  you may end up needing major structural repairs.

Quakes and Tremors

It isn’t just the large quakes that can cause damage to the structure of the building, even small tremors can potentially cause significant structural issues. A sagging ceiling after a quake, no matter how small, is a sign that you should get something fixed as soon as you can.

Workmanship problems

Sadly not every contractor does their job 100%. Contractors who lack the necessary skills and experience may be cheap but this will likely cost you more in the long run as low quality repair or installation can result in an even more damaged ceiling. So make sure that you only hire experienced professionals in order

Who to Call when your sagging ceiling needs repair?

Sagging ceilings should be repaired as soon as possible but it’s important to get someone skilled and reliable. Southern Ceiling Repairs are high-quality ceiling fixers offering plaster ceiling repair at affordable prices. They have many years of industry experience with quality work and customer satisfaction at the forefront of their ethos.

So if you have sagging ceilings in the Great Southern of Western Australia right up to Perth and surrounding suburbs to call Southern Ceiling Repairs for top-notch ceiling repair solutions.