Brickies sand Explained!

Sand is all around us but, when it comes to a building project it is clear we cannot use just any type of sand. In this article we dive into the sand pit to give you a better understanding of brickies sand Perth and its uses.

What is brickies sand?

Sand is loose particles of hard broken rock compromising of various diameter grains from disintegrated rock. As a naturally occurring product, brickies sand varies in colour between quarries in Perth. It has a high clay content which repels water, allowing the sand to become stickier and workable when mixed with cement. To achieve a desired mix, brickies sand can be mixed with materials such as lime, water or cement. As mentioned, brickies sand Perth varies in colour, you will want your order to be delivered in one load from a sand supplies Perth company as there may be variation over time.


What is brikies sand used for?

For the bricklaying and building construction specialists in Perth, brickies sand is the sand of choice. Also used as a base for above ground pools, landscaping and gardening purposes, brickies sand Perth is clean, light and viable.  Depending on the construction requirements, it is important to select and mix the right brickies sand with the cement to achieve the desired result. For example, if the clay content is quite high, the mixture will be non-viable and if the clay content is too low, brickies sand won’t bind making it ineffective. You will want your sand supplies Perth company to be reliable and reputable like Premium Allsands. As quality sand suppliers Perth, Premium Allsands products are regularly tested for quality and contaminants. All their tests can be viewed to give you that added comfort that the sand is the very best available.

The cost of Brickies sand?

Sand prices per cubic meter Perth, can vary from supplier to supplier. Premium Allsands have a very competitive price of $8 per cubic meter plus gst for brickies sand delivery Perth.

Why choose Premium Allsands as my supplier of brickie sand?

Premium Allsands have been providing Perth and the Southwest with a wide range of premium grade sand as well as professional transport services. They conduct soil tests at various stages with the test results available upon request. PRI and clay levels are tested to ensure you get premium sand. Premium Allsands are customer driven, priding themselves with their reliability and customer service. Premium Allsands trades in accordance with ECO’s environmental management plan.