6 New Year Declutter Tips

The best way to start the new year is by having a clean and organized place whether it’s your home or office. New year’s decluttering, this positive habit has been followed by Perth’s residents in years because there’s no reason to keep piling all of the unused items inside your place which sometimes could lead major issues with the environment and your health. Especially during these times where people spend most of their time at home, it will be a good time to retrieve all of the spaces taken over by those old appliances and create something useful like a kids’ playground or temporary workstation. Therefore, let’s check out our top tips on decluttering your home and office.

1. Declutter the festive season decorations and utilities

Two celebrations recently celebrated they are Christmas and New Year so obviously, whether it’s at home or office the festive season decorations are in place in every part of the room. If it leaves unorganized it will create a mess at your place, therefore, removing them will be a good choice.

2. Old clothes, pants and shoes

When was the last time you have organized the wardrobe? Obviously, after all these years, plenty of old clothes, pants and shoes just hanging or lying there without no chance to be wear again. Therefore, why not just remove it, better, donate it? Because if it’s still usable there are unfortunate people out there who really need it. You can send it to the local community centre for them to deliver it to the needy. By doing this you also promoting the reduce, reuse, recycle movement.

3. Kitchen utensils

During the festive season, clearly, the kitchen is where the magic started and its utensils are most-likely had been working hard helping you prepare the best dishes for the entire family. Some of the utensils might have been worn out so it’s time to remove it and plan for a replacement later. However, you might want to do a thorough check before removing them because there’s a possibility the utensils made of recyclable material like plastic. Therefore, you can sort them out based on recyclable and non-recyclable categories. 

4. Unwanted items in the garage

Many homeowners in Perth have a similar habit regarding their garage which has multiple functions, not only being used for securing their cars but also for storing all of the old appliances. Removing them will be a huge benefit for you because the cramped garage will become bigger in space where you can probably set up a temporary work station there.

5. Old and broken tables and chairs in the office

Over the years, with many employees come and go surely there are many unused or even broken tables and chairs that have been piling inside one of the office storerooms. Therefore, a new year is a perfect time for the company to declutter all of it which might be some of them are still usable that they can donate it.

6. Opt-in a skip bin to manage all of the rubbish

All of the rubbish from your decluttering session needs to be securely organized, therefore, hiring a skip bin will help you a lot. Not only it can also save you a lot of costs because even the smallest skip bin with the size of 2m3 can take almost any rubbish from decluttering but also you will save a lot of time from going back and forth delivering the rubbish to the tip. Additionally, by hiring a Perth skip bin hire, you are helping to promote a green environment where all of your rubbish will be properly sorted between the recyclable and non-recyclable waste then it will be delivered either to the local recycling centre or to the landfills.


It always a good thing to start the new year with declutter activity because who wouldn’t love a clean, spacious place to live or work and it’s a fun thing to do with your family or work colleges. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.