5 Easy and Free Ways Sharing Your Holiday Family Photos

  • Friday January 8, 2021
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The holiday season might be over but the family precious memories captured on your camera or smartphone are still there to be shared with the rest of your entire family members. With the current technology, there are so many platforms you can choose to share the photos online but which one is a free and reliable one? We’ve gathered some of the reliable options for your consideration.

1. Facebook

Undeniable that the #1 social media created by Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most reliable, fast and free platforms to use for photo sharing. Not to mention that for a social media platform, it has the tagging feature which can easily tag anyone on your friend list on each photo accordingly. However, due to its bandwidth limitation, the resolution of the uploaded photos will be resized so it won’t be a good photo to quality if you decided to download then print it. Nonetheless, it’s still one of the best solutions for photo sharing.

2. Email

Yes, you can directly send any photo that you have captured via email which is a faster solution but commonly known that email only allows up to 25 megabytes of a file as an attachment. Therefore, it will limit how many photos you can send per batch but the quality of the photos won’t be reduced like the one in Facebook so you can safely print it in HD quality.

3. Cloud storages

Names like Google Drive, Dropbox, Asus Storage, Microsoft OneDrive and Mega Share are some of the renowned and reliable cloud storages on the market today and it’s totally free. As you can store all of your photos without worry of being resized in the quality sector, the free version comes with the storage limitation. For example, Google drive free member gets 15 GB of storage while Dropbox free member gets 2 GB only, the largest cloud storage size for a free member given by the New Zealand cloud storage company, Mega Share. With cloud storage of 50 GB for a free member, it would be more than enough to store all of your family holiday photos and easily share it with them.

4. Skype

The chatting application launched in August 2003 has an updated feature that you would love in terms of photo sharing. Its chat feature included file sharing feature which can handle a file up to 300 MB and there’s no limitation on how many files send. Therefore, you can send as many photos as you like as long as the size is no more than 300 MB. However, the younger generation is not familiar with this application and Skype is a work-related application.

5. WhatsApp by Facebook

For those of you who are not aware, the #1 chatting application – WhatsApp – is owned by Facebook since 2014 with $16 billion of payment. The application is loved by everyone in the world due to its free and easy features. In terms of sharing feature, WhatsApp has a limitation, it can only send 10 images per batch with each image being resized. Therefore, the quality of the images is not good enough to be printed. However, it’s arguably the quickest way to share your family holiday photos with the entire family because of the convenience of its GROUP feature. 


Probably, after reading all of the recommendations above, you remembered some fo the family photos from the holiday season a few years back which had been printed and just sitting in a box in your drawer. Those photos need to digitized to preserve their precious memories and can be shared with the entire family, therefore, getting help from a reliable photo scanning service like Scan ur Pics in your local area could be the best option. Thank you for reading and feel free to share it.